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Blackhole Lists

MAPS Dial-up User List (Formerly Orca DUL)
MAPS Realtime Blackhole List
Direct Spam Sources List - DSSL - Home Page
IMRSS - Internet Mail Relay Service Survey - Home Page
IMRSS - Internet Mail Relay Services Survey
Radparker Relay Spam Stopper
WSRCC Spam Fighting Page
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
Reynolds Technology Spam Issues
Vergelijking tussen MAPS en ORBS
The Orca Dial-up User List


Tactical Net Abuse FAQ
Address Harvesting FAQ
Spam glossary
FAQ: The Newsgroup Care Cancel Cookbook
The Cancel FAQ
FAQ: Current Usenet spam thresholds and guidelines
alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 970906
The Email Abuse FAQ Home Page
Procmail FAQ
FAQ: Teergrubing against Spam
Spammer Quick Reference
RFC 2505
Anti-Spam Recommendations for SMTP MTAs


Wie stuurde de spam, wat wordt er geadverteerd in de spam?

DejaNews search page
Sam Spade
PING Belgium: support - title
u_x_n spam combat
Spam Tracking Page
Anti-Spam Campaign - Reporting Spammers
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Karkamiel.COM: The ANTI-SPAM resource pages
Julian Haight - Spam Cop - Spam eradication utility

Reporting Home Page
Adcomplain Home Page
SPAM の現状と対策
English complaint templates


Installing the Procmail Filters Kit
Flexible mail relaying control for sendmail
Procmail FAQ
Anti-Spam Provisions in Sendmail 8.8
The BlackMail Anti Spam Mailer Daemon
Bloodgate - Server Statistics
Procmail Spam Filter: "The Spam Bouncer"
Using check_* in sendmail 8.9
WhiteICE - Virtually Junk-Free E-Mail
Anti-Spam Software
UCE and Perl
The SpamDunk Project August 19/1998


WPOISON - Web Poisoning Software
FAQ: Teergrubing against Spam|Junkbuster|News


Information about the UUNet Passive UDP
GIF image 520x480 pixels
GIF image 476x376 pixels
Why UUNET sucks
Why UUNet Sucks
UUNET - Executive Biographies
UUNET - Dial-up POP Finder

Spamware vendor list
Spammer Wendy
DEAA press release
The MMF Hall of Humiliation


Spam Fighter's Photo Gallery
Erol's Abuse Administrators! We Administrate Abuse!
Afterburner's Slice o' the Web
Stand back, citizen ...

User Friendly over spam

This is not a denial of service attack
Stef valt voor een spam van Erwin
Nuke Stanford Wallace
Drie atoombommen op Cyberpromo
Antwoord nooit naar een remove adres
Cobb mist zijn dagelijkse spam
An ode to spam by Erwin

Spam Hippo Home Page
JOWazzoo's Consummate Spam Links
A free award winning e-zine: Internet ScamBusters
KoNx Mail - Free Email that saves you money!
Over cancelrapporten in nl.internet.misbruik
The Anti Spam & Pornographic Investigative Bureau Web Site.
Romath is enigszins controversieel